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Seferia: *Frowns at Sephiroth* That is a possibility, Sephiroth. However, I’ve heard several legends of humans who conjoined with dragon mates.. I believe that I already mentioned them to you before; however, I shall reiterate those words, just in case you were too preoccupied with other things then. Some of the legends have told of humans that lived as long as their “mated” partners given that they had a bond like what has been formed between our minds. *shakes her head* But the legends vary greatly. Some have said the humans just simply seem to be frozen in time, age-wise, until their dragon partner died. Other said that the humans would mirror the equivalent of the age of their dragon partner. *glances away* If that one were true.. you might wind up appearing younger soon.. *shrugs* Then there are other legends that simply stated that the human could chose what age they wanted to appear to be. *lowers her head* Then again, legends are just that, legends..