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Gorchev: *arrives at the command center about half an hour after Sephiroth has started to work. He snorts in aggitation as he sees the human the desk. Then, he saunters over and drops down a pile of requests from his squad* Have fun, little pet human. *chuckles and turns around, intending to return to his squad*

Seferia: *groggily wakes up about an hour after Sephiroth leaves. Glancing in the direction of her abdomen, she slowly gets up then pats her stomach area* Soon… *frowns in thought then nods to herself, mentally determining that the area that she had spoken about earlier on behind her tent will be able to fit her at full size, even though it will be cramped. So, she moves to her food strage and takes a large piece of steak before quickly devouring it. Once that is done, she exits the tent from the back. Soon after, she shifts into her true form and tries her best to make herself comfortable*