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Sekhmet: *looks over at Rizon and shakes her head* It’s because you are not an adult yet, dragon. No one wants to take advice from youths. *crosses her arms and seems to pout* They won’t even let me take my rightful position as queen because I am a youth.

Ramses: *groans* It’s because you are not fully trained to take on the responsibilities. Now, diplomacy, shall we? *points at the screen on the table that is displaying the data for her next lesson*

Seferia: *faintly frowns at Sephiroth, briefly wondering if he is playing dumb on purpose. She then closes her eyes and sighs* Well, it would be logical to start with discussing that which I forced upon you without asking permission. *opens her eyes* The link between our minds.. I know full well that I am being selfish in what I did and am still doing concerning that. *frowns* I don’t particularly want to stop being selfish on that part… but I don’t want your resentment either.