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Sekhmet: *yawns, acting as if she is bored already* Just keep me company. That is all. Make as many comments as you like. *seems to smirk* Mrr.. Maybe if you do a good job at it, I might appoint you as an adviser.

Ramses: *tiredly sighs at Sekhmet* I hardly think that this youth has the qualifications, sister.

Sekhmet: *glares at Ramses* Was I asking for your permission?! I am the heir here, not you! *Snorts and strolls over to the table*

Seferia: *shakes her head then picks up the next stack of papers, deciding to concentrate on them at the moment instead. However, after about fourty-five minutes, she finishes off the papers altogether. At that point, she stands up and decides to return to her tent*