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Seferia: *loudly snorts* ~They’ve called you that since the first day I started working on making you sane, Sephiroth. You just now noticed?~ *shakes her head* ~Just ignore it. Most that call you that are the ones who wanted the position I gave you. And we need to work together with the position that you have. As for taking time off, no I was not. I just accidentally slept more than I should have.~

Zack: *looks up at Aeris and does his best to grin at her then shrugs. Soon after, he rests his head down on his paws and tries to make himself comfortable*

Sekhmet: *continues to whine about the food marks and proclaims that she is going to execute the idiot who spilled what she’s determined to be spaghetti sauce onto the map.*

Ramses: It’s just a small stain, Sister.. Can we get back to your lesson already? *sounds rather tired at the moment*