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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *spends a decent amount of time away from the tent, returning again with a new plate and cup, his ration of bread for tomorrow, a large jar containing a special liquid for pickling/preservation, and a large slab of raw meat. He immediately places it down on the table once back inside the tent, then begins to cut it up and place it into the jar to preserve it. After he has done that, he places the lid on the jar and carries it to his corner, shaking out his blankets so he can lie down. He strips down to his underwear and curls up under the covers of his bed, soon drifting off into a light state of sleep*

Cloud: *continues to stare at Zack, but doesn’t come any closer, fearing his growling* How did this happen to you, man?

Aeris: *sighs* Sephy did it to him. Not on purpose, mind you. Just… *blinks* I don’t know how.