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Seferia: *a small frown appears on her lips and she slowly shakes her head. She then opens up her eyes* The child is young and still in pain over the death of her mother. That is why she acts out so much at the moment. She is no tyrant, I can assure you of that. She is simply impulsive due to her age. *nods at his next statement though she seems a bit confused by his actions* If you desire, you may use any of the dining utilities that I have in this tent. It will be of no bother to me. However, you might want to make a decicion as to whether you were going to settle in your make-shift bed or not. To the best of my knowledge, your species doesn’t normally cover themselves in blankets only to stand up a few minutes after that.

Zack: *whimpers after a moment of trying to balance the buster sword on his back then lets it clatter onto the ground. He then sighs and nods at Aeris’s words. This time, he tries to give Cloud a large grin*