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Seferia: *closes her eyes* You will need to learn how to make a working relationship with her, Sephiroth. Your largest problem is that she was raised by her mother, who originally lead a campaign to eliminate the human virus from this planet. By you appearing to be human, you already have several negative strikes against you. Still, if you are patient and hold your own tongue and temper, you will be able to turn her to your side in as much as she would respect you.

Zack: *pulls his ears back at Cloud’s words then hops down onto all fours again. He then looks around and thinks. Soon after, he trots over to where he left the Buster Sword then picks it up, trying to indicate that he is the wielder of the sword. He holds the handle in his jaws and then tries to position it on his back, thinking that might get his message through even more*