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Seferia: *silently watches him, standing mostly still as Sephiroth moves about. However, she steps to the side to allow him to exit as he disposes of the dregs of his damaged goods* ~I honestly do not care what size it is. It is still too small for my natural form. That is why your presense will be of no bother to me.~ *frowns as she eyes the futton and shakes her head. Still, she moves over to the singular chair in the room and sits down.*

Zack: *grins up at Aeris as she moves to rub him. However, his grin vanishes for a moment as he hears about the concept of a Rabies shot. He then shakes his head and pulls back his ears, but soon enough, he slowly nods, deciding that it’d be for the best. Then, he looks up at Cloud, wanting to see how he’s doing*