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Zack: *looks up as Sephiroth exits his tent and quickly moves to his feet, intending to follow. He treads behind his former co-worker as quietly as he can manage for the moment. Still, he’s a bit clumsy and not yet sneaky in this form*

Seferia: *is currently standing in the doorway to Sekhmet’s secluded cavern area. Since the Princess believes she’s better than the normal ruffians in tents, she had insured that her housing was somewhat permanent looking and presentable. So, she does not actually have a tent.

As Sephiroth nears, the white-haired feline’s ears twitch in his direction before she turns to look at him. She frowns at him* I was about to come to see you, again. *frowns at Sephiroth, seeming to be quite serious at the moment*