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Zack: *twitches again and tries to tell Sephy to “Give it a rest for a bit”, as the man enters his thoughts again. For now, his thoughts are largely on how “high” he’s feeling each time that Sephiroth does this and how much he needs a rest from Seph’s attempts. He’s also concerned as to where he, Cloud, and Aeris will sleep tonight since he heard Seferia’s words about them needing to find another place than the one tent they were in before*

*Meanwhile, outside the tent, there are a number of annoyed yells and whatnot as someone barges her way to Sephy’s tent. Not long after the first yell of annoyance is heard, Sekhment flings open Sephy’s tent flap and glares at him*

Sekhmet: Hrmph, enjoying your new command position, dog? How did you talk Seferia into it? *growls and swishes her tail, completely ignoring Aeris*