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Seferia: *Glances over at the wolf as she moves into the tent as well. She then shakes her head and looks over at Sephy* You two are going to have to figure out how you did this in the first place in order to undo it. I do not have the time to sit here and go through every possibility of what may have occurred. *Shakes her head* Anyway, magic did not do this and my psychic abilities are strong in creating illusions and distorting the perception of reality, not anything akin to what you did. *eyes Zack once more* I can at least tell you that he is not feral.

Zack: *whimpers and shakes his head once more then looks up at Sephy as he moves his hand toward him. He once again tries to speak, wanting to know what’s going on. Then he shakes his head and lowers it to look at the ground, figuring out that he can’t speak at all*