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Seferia: ~Well, the first and foremost thing you need to do is calm down. You will not be able to help him much if you remain in this excited state.~ *slowly shakes her head* ~Do your best to regain your “cool”, as the humans say. Now, is he awake and aware of himself? Is he feral? Do you know any of these answers? Did you abandon him? Are you trying to give him any support at all?~

Zack: *whimpers once more and tries to rub the side of his head since it feels like it is swimming at the moment. However, he soon finds that he has a paw instead of a hand. He turns his head to stare at his “paw” then he slowly looks over at the rest of his body before yelping once more. Then, he attempts to speak, wanting to call “Sephy… where are you?”, however, what actually comes out is just a series of wolf murmuring noises*