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Zack: *frowns at the bathroom, but considering that he’s gone in the wilderness before, he chooses not to complain. So, he just steps into the bordered off section of the tent and takes care of his bodily needs. As soon as that is done, he rinses his hands off in a rudimentary tap and shakes his head* Man, this place is a dump.. *sighs then moves back to the main section of the tent. He glances over at Aeris and grins at her* I’m glad you’re feeling better, Aer. Can you look over Cloud for a bit? I think I’m going to go talk to Sephy, on my own. *quickly rushes out of the tent then jogs. It takes him several minutes and several times of begging people for information, but at long last, he makes it to Sephy’s tent and then slowly walks inside* Hey, Sephiroth? You here?