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Zack: *rolls his eyes at Sephy* Always the pessimist and negative thinker.. You haven’t really changed all that much at all, Sephy. *moves in front of his old friend and comrade* Sephy, listen to me. I know you had a tough time back there. We should have stuck closer to you while you were in that library. We failed you. *shakes his head* I don’t know who it was that I met in that reactor, but it wasn’t really you. Your eyes told me quite clearly that you had left the premises. Please, accept the fact that at least I’m willing to forgive you. It wasn’t you at all. *looks over at Aeris* I don’t think it’d matter what Aer thinks.. she never really knew you.

Seferia: *Frowns at Sephiroth’s words* ~You are clouding your thoughts with grief and guilt. Listen to the words of your friend.~