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Seferia: *notices his prolonged stare and shakes her head* ~Do not worry about hiding your looks; I wanted you to see the extent of my injuries.~ *releases a drawn out sigh* ~One can never predict the future, ex-General Sephiroth.~ *lowers her head so that it is level with him* ~I never would have predicted when I was younger that I’d ever come to the condition and position that I am in at the moment. I believed that I was untouchable.~ *shakes her head* ~Please, consider my offer. There are few with your experience and knowledge in tactics. There are more who are willing to put their trust in you than you may think.~ *glances at the cavern where their army is housed* ~Also, I think we recently found more survivors from your home-world here in a recent raid… I may be incorrect though.~