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Seferia: In that case, I hardly think you can recall how much the humans and felines alike hated the thought of following me when I came back. For one part, the humans still feared myself and Clawina, for we had both attempted to wipe them out of existence. There have been a number of humans who I have eaten in my lifetime. Then, the felines have a long standing tradition of following those who were related to Bastet, the first feline appointed by the gods, according to them, as queen. They were less than favorable to the idea of following much of anyone, let alone just some dragon who the previous queen had found. In fact, I didn’t really want to do much. *shakes her head then closes her eyes. Not long after, she begins to shift shape into her true form. The scars which seemed small on the feline form that she prefers to stay in now of days grow quite a bit as she sheds the fur for scales. Also, injuries that simply cannot be shown in the feline form such as her nearly completely tattered right wing membrane become apparent. The fur which hid the long, jagged scar from her snout down to her chest vanishes and is replaced by scales, which only emphasize the uneven way her skin healed* ~I am hardly what one would look up to for a great leader, Sephiroth. I had failed in my duty to protect Clawina.~ *pauses for a moment, looking down on him* ~Do you have any idea what the point of these statements are?~