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Sekhmet: *waves her servants away once her body had been thoughroughly scrubbed then dips under the water for a moment to rinse herself off. Once she is free of suds, she strolls over toward Rizon and examines him* Mrr… Still dirt-filled. Give me your soap. *holds out her hand expecting him to comply with her command*

Seferia: *closes her eyes then sighs, shaking her head* No, it would be a wild goose chase that would only waste our time if you did it so soon. That girl might not have even been anywhere near us when she saw this dragon. It will be best for you to keep her under surveilance and await the moment in which she is well and ready enough to tell us where she was when she saw this dragon. If she recovers and still cannot tell us where she was, then you can go out on your own. Does this sound acceptable to you, General?