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Seferia: *opens her eyes then glances to the side as she digests Sephiroth’s words. After a moment, she slowly shakes her head* I cannot say that I know what to make out of what you’ve told me. If she is indeed of right mind, that does not mean that she is not trying to set up a trap by placing opportune words.. If she is indeed telling us genuine information.. Hmm… Well, the description you gave me would suggest that the human girl has laid eyes upon Tiamat herself. *looks down at Sephiroth* I’m certain even you know how much of a worm on a hook that information is.

Sekhmet: Perhaps you cannot smell your own stentch because you have become accustomed to the filth that the humans carry around them. However, I can assure you, you smelled of garbage and fleas. Mrr… It is a surprise that I am not infested with thousands of parasites just by having been around you for even a moment. *lifts her head up as one of the servants laters up the front of her neck and bottom of her jaw*