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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *slowly nods his head, then moves into the tent, standing in the doorway* Thank you for allowing me to enter. *pauses for a moment, then frowns* The human female has returned. The one known as Hope, the one that the feline princess is fond of. *folds his arms* She said she saw a dragon that was all of the colours and none at the same time. I thought this might interest you.

Rizon: *waits for Sekhmet to enter the hot tub, then he bows his head in a respectful and formal manner, standing at attention as he rises again* Thank you, your highness. I really do appreciate the invitation and I am most pleased to be here. *once he figures she is settled enough in the tub, he strips down and enters the other side of the tub, not wanting to disturb her*