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*one of the servants look up at Rizon and then gives him a small grin* Ah, yes. Lady Sekhmet told us to expect you, sir Rizon. *she walks over to his side then takes his hand* Come this way. The water is being prepared as we speak. *leads him over to the bathing room*

Sekhmet: *is still patiently standing there as her aides remove her clothing. At this point, she is nearly stripped of all her clothes. However, given that she is a feline and covered in fur, it doesn’t really make much a difference in defining her nude body*

Seferia: *is currently eating a few scraps that she had gathered for herself earlier on in the day. She hasn’t bothered to light up the area in her tent, so it is rather dark and, to the uneducated, would appear to have no one inside*