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Kat Aclysm

Rizon: Oh yeah… *scratches the back of his head, looking really sheepish and deflated* I forgot that the humans had guns now. I’m no cocky egotistical elder dragon. Hell, I’m not even an elder, or a proper adult yet. I haven’t even had my coming of age ceremony yet… *sighs* But I get it. I’m not invincible, and neither is anyone else. Next idea, I guess…

Sephiroth: *scowls* Just keeping a watch over you. We don’t know what the hell happened, but you were found face down in the mud not terribly far away. That in itself seems suspicious, so I am just keeping a watch. I half expected you to turn feral or something the moment you woke up. I assumed that idiot was manipulating you, or has put a beacon on you or something similar. *bows his head* But I am glad to see that it isn’t the case. The feline will be happy to see you. Try to get some rest for now.