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Sekhmet: *rolls her eyes at Rizon and lowers her hand before jabbing his arm pits and other joints then points to his eyes and mouth* No, there is more than one spot that has been recorded as sweet spots. *gives him a predatory smirk* Some dragons thought that they could swallow armed and armored knights whole. What they got was a sword going straight through their upper pallet and into their brains. *narrows her eyes* And might I remind you that humans have much more complex weapons than little spears now of days. Even your armored hide can’t do well against a bazooka barage.

Hope: *groans and slowly turns her head to look over at Sephiroth. She blankly stares at him, mostly because her eyes are still bleary and unfocussed, then blinks to clear her vision. Once she can see him, she simply gawks and moves to rub her eyes again* General Sephiroth…? What are you doing here…? *her voice is hoarse due to lack of use. So, she soon releases a loud cough after speaking*