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Sekhmet: Hrmph, that still doesn’t make you a whelp. Whelps are weak and minuscule. You are simply young and ignorant. *shakes her head* Now, stop whining about your wound. It’ll heal up soon enough. *moves over to the side and grabs some bandages. Soon afterwards, she dresses his wound so that it’d be protected from the elements and so on* There, now stop your whimpering. It’s unbecoming.

Ramses: *gives Sephiroth a toothy grin then nods* I can arrange for that. I’ll be back shortly. *he steps out of the tent. After about fifteen minutes, several female humanoid felines, dressed in the attire that servants for pharaohs wore in ancient times. These felines deposit a few plates of various meats and other food on a table in Sephiroth’s tent then turn to leave*

Seferia: ~I didn’t say that you were complaining about my power. I was simply saying that you should not undermine your own powers by comparing them to someone such as myself. I respect your stregnth and capabilities, ex-General Sephiroth.~