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Kat Aclysm

Rizon: *flinches and cowers slightly after Sekhmet slaps him* Forgive me, your highness!! *yelps and rubs his head* I know Seferia wasn’t raised by The Great Mother Dragon herself, but she was still raised by a true warrior. All I ever got was a human from the ghetto who took pity on my egg when they found it, and then they were killed too. I ended up here after being collected by some of your allies. They must have known I was a dragon. *shrugs* Ouch… *tries to rub the wound on his back* It hurts….

Sephiroth: *tiredly sighs* Very well. I suppose if you want to give me anything, I’d like to request more protein. Perhaps a nice slab of meat to cook up. It’s been a while since I had steak. Or much good meat in general. *frowns and sits down outside of his tent, gathering up his personal belongings so he can tidy them up* *”I’m not comparing your powers to anything, Seferia, other than my own levels of ability. I know that there are more powerful forces out there than either you or I.”*