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Seferia: ~You still command quite a bit of power for a mortal, human. Do not every underestimate your abilities. Also, try not to use my powers as a standard for other dragons. I come directly from the first generation of dragons that came to Earth. Those creatures all had much more cosmic-status power and strength than any dragon that came after.~

Ramses: Hrmph, you do not exactly look like you are the best fed around here. *shakes his head* I must insist once more. Please, humor me.

Sekhmet: *scowls at Rizon’s words then reaches her hand out to smack the back of his head* Silence, you are not a whelp. Seferia herself was not raised by the so-called “Great Mother Dragon” either. *sneers at a thought* Mrr… *swishes her tail* That demon creature loves killing mother-figures.