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Ramses: *shakes his head* Nay, apologies are always required whenever my younger sibling is involved. *allows himself a small grin* At least we have loyal warriors such as yourself to keep her safe. *soon turns his attention to Hope* Hmmm… A true pity. She wasn’t a bad girl. *once that is said, he quickly moves to follow Sephy* Tell me, sir, is there anything I can get you to repay you for your service today?

Seferia: ~I know that to be truth, even without reading your mind, Sephiroth. I cannot say that you’ve attached yourself to many around here… That much is sorrowful to me.~

Sekhmet: *saunters into Rizon’s tent as if she owns it then moves up behind him* Hrmph, it’s not that bad. I told the human you were fine. *snorts. Still, she reaches over to help him clean the wound*