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Seferia: *frowns at him for a brief moment* ~Why must you insist on tacking on that title of Lady to my name?~ *her fur bristles slightly* ~It hardly feels natural to me. Either way, embarrassing or not, one must always remember their past. For, if you were to forget your past, you would be doomed to repeat it.~ *Snorts and continues reading over the reports, her frown deepening* Still no word… *Shakes her head then continues the conversation that the others would be hearing if they were ease dropping* Why would you call a choice with no options easy instead of troublesome?

Sekhmet: *narrows her eyes at Rizon then snorts* You are wasting my time. My mother would have locked you up in the brig for a week for this nonsense. *hisses in annoyance then turns to head to her room* I need a bath.