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Kat Aclysm

Character guide I am using, both for your interest, and it helped me out to define them.

Rizon: A dragon by blood and by birth, but prefers to keep to his human morph for convenience purposes. Although still a fairly new recruit, he is quite skilled with weapons (the firing kinds) and gifted in the area of making makeshift incendiary devices, and seems to keep wanting to prove his worth to others. Although only about 17 years old (in terms of a human’s lifespan), he is rather mature for his age and serious when it comes to real issues. That said, when the area is safe, he’ll let his guard down and behave… quite a bit differently.
His dragon form is approximately 25ft long (from nose to tail), quadrapedal. His body shape is streamlined, and he is lithe (read: skinny) and very fast in the air. His scales are very polished and shiny like iridescent beetle wings, and are mostly emerald green, with scatters of cobalt blue scales amongst them. Claws and backridges are gold. Oh yeah, and he likes to sing.

Sephiroth: He was in the middle of serving Jenova and helping to conquer his planet when Sesshou arrived. The creature consumed her and captured Sephy assuming that one day he would grow into a powerful being like her. He was hauled to Earth and kept as a prisoner by Sesshou until he was rescued by Clawina’s resistance group. He now serves them, in the hope that he can go back to his own planet one day and resume trying to become a god back on his own planet. Or so he says, anyway. Ask him about it and he probably won’t even sound that interested in doing such.