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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *just listens to Zack through his explanation, narrowing his eyes slightly at his word usage and grammar. He slowly slides the wig off his head when told to, then defiantly glares at Hojo as Zack continues to explain their situation, slowly nodding his head* That’s not how I would have described it, but that is mostly how the events unfolded, sir. *stands tall as he faces the president* I ordered Zack to attack and disable the ShinRa scientist, while I fought the female. She killed the scientist and brutally injured Hal, the third member of our party. I went on to attack her further, but… She fled. I chased her down the street, but she lept down off the plate and into the slums… *deeply scowls*

Hojo: *his eyes widen slightly as he sees Sephy take his wig off, and then he seems furious* How could you escape past me with a pathetic disguise like that!? *snarls and bangs his hands down on the president’s desk, yelling at him again* I should have been informed of this mission! Had I known there was a traitor in my own department, I would have…. *clenches a fist, too enraged to finish his own sentence*

President: *listens to Zack and Sephiroth’s explnations, tiredly sighing* You are to speak to the top ranking SOLDIER officer and give him a description of this female. We must find her and get those documents back before our enemy discovers them and reads about our plans for a secret weapon.