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Zack: *nervously scratches the back of his head and looks around* Umm… ok. Well, you see, we were given this assignment back in Junon. We kinda argued for a bit on who would lead, and Sephy won the right to be the team leader with a arm wrestling contest. Then, we started talking and planning stuff. We decided the best way for us to find the dude and then the other dude who turned out not to be a dude at all was to disguise ourselves then follow him. So, we kinda went down to the street level and got lunch then got Sephy this wig here.. *glances at Sephy then blinks* Umm… I think you can take it off now, Seph-man.. *nervously shifts his weight* Then we got our weapons and met up with the Rude dude on the helicopter. After that, Hal started fantasizing about giving sex to this sniper rifle that he found in the back of the helicopter. I guess he liked it so much that he stole it, because we saw him with the sniper rifle on his back as we were going through your office here, sir. Neither of us like told him to steal it or anything, but he did it anyway.

*glances down at the floor* Then we hid about for a bit until the geeks a few floors down went on lunch. From there, we snuck into this stinky closet and grabbed a few jackets to help disguise ourselves as staff with. Then we went about looking through the lab to find the geek that we were supposed to tag. When we did find him, this dude here *points to Hojo* spotted us and started ranting about how he was going to get us fired. So, he left and didn’t even notice that the geek we were supposed to catch was stuffing stuff in his jacket right there and then.

So, we lost the dude for a bit, but then he came out of this room with a lot of papers, I guess maybe a records room. Then, we trailed him and took off the jackets as soon as we got out of the lab because we thought we no longer needed them. So then, he went to the elevator to get down to the ground level, so I went into the janitor’s closet and grabbed a different jacket and a cart. Sephy and Red climbed in under the cart and I used these sheets to hide them. I guess that must have been a tough squeeze, but we pulled it out.

The geek then went out of the building and onto the streets, so we started to follow him again. We followed him until he stopped in this dark bit between two warehouses, I guess. I don’t know exactly what they were, but they looked like warehouses. So, we hid into the shadows and waited. Then, this woman with the gold cape and black outfit jumped all the way from the top of the warehouse, like from 4 stories high or something, to the ground in front of the geek without flinching. She started examining the goods and we figured she must be the buyer. So then, Sephy gave the word to attack, and then all hell broke loose.