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Jenna: *groans at him and plants her face in her left palm for a moment as she mutters* Country, Seph. Country. England is an island, otherwise known as Britain or the United Kingdom, which is a country which is situated within the continent of Europe. Europe is directly connected to Asia and is sometimes referred to as the Eurasia land mass. That is in turn connected through a location which is referred to as the “Middle East” to a continent called Africa. *casts a spell to create an illusionary globe next to Seph, which begins highlighting locations as Jenna speaks of them* South and to the East of the Southeastern tip of Asia is a Continent which is also a country called Australia. On the complete other side of the globe is a set of continents called the Americas, which consist of North America, Central America, and South America. To the most South part of the globe is Antartica, where no one lives. There’s only ice and penguins there. The northern end is also covered in ice and called the North Pole, but there is no land under it. Got it? *tries to stream her knowledge of various countries and other details that she didn’t speak of in her briefing directly into Seph’s mind*