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Kat Aclysm

Alec: *Had been celebrating with a few of his good mates after a football match, celebrating their supported team’s victory earlier this evening. He is in a mild state of drunkardness when Jenna begins to flirt with him, and he chuckles, patting the empty barstool beside him* Can I buy you a drink, pretty? *lightly elbows his friend whom is sitting on the other side of him, indicating that he should leave now*

Sephiroth: *slowly shakes his head, then manipulates the air around himself in such a way that it would make him appear invsible. He takes to the air and flies towards the new location, also creating a bubble-like air shield around himself when it begins to rain. He lands down on the pathway near the pub and silently slips inside much to the surprise of a drunkard by the door who sees it open, but nobody appears to go in or out.
He finds Jenna not long after and takes a seat nearby, scowling, seeming curious to know what she is up to now. When she begins to flirt with the guy, he finds himself scowling further, but just continues to sit there for now*