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Jenna: *deeply scowls, not particularly wanting to think of the sources of her problems. However, she takes a deep breath then begins to slowly stream a telepathic signal to Seph. It starts slowly, only giving flashes of how she was ignored and considered worthless when she was growing up and living on Halcyon. However, the floodgates eventually open as she thinks of Sesshou. It starts with the deal she made with Sesshou in order to gain more power for herself, wanting to prove herself. And continues on to how Sesshou killed off all that Jenna thought was important and claimed it was what Jenna herself had wished to happen.

She allows Seph to feel the scarred bits of her psyche that were caused by first trading a snipet of her soul with Sesshou, and then worsened by Sesshou’s attempt to undermine her and claim Jenna as her own by force.

Then, there are indications of another trigger. Namely, memories of her first visit to a human village, where she helped a random boy from drowning by using her magic. Due to her help and her lack of knowledge in english, she was proclaimed a witch and burned at the stake. From that point, her memories get fuzzy, but there is an indication of fire and screams.

There are several other memories that Jenna transmits to Sephiroth, but they are less coherent and clear* I hope that explains everything.. *deeply frowns, not liking the fact that she had to think of all of that in order to show it to Sephers*