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*In the center of the arched room is a rather ancient and nearly dull grey dragon. There are hints that the dragon was once a brilliant golden color, but the centuries have molted away the color to near non-existence. The area where the dragon is perched is brightly lit with the stregnth of the elder’s magics and he nods his head at Jenna’s arrival. As he nods, a booming, rumbling voice seems to fill the air* ~Ah, the representative from Halcyon has finally arrived.~

*A younger red dragon tilts his head to look at Jenna, hissing in distaste* ~Tainted blood..~ *This one’s scales are dark and nearly the color of blood itself. He does little in form of magic to show off his power. Instead, his body is wracked with scars that tell of the massive opponents he has brought down to get in to his position of power. So, his enclave is rather dark*

Jenna: *barely nods at Seph’s statement* ~You are quite perceptive.~ *sarcasm drips off her thoughts. She remains standing as she takes her position and just crosses her arms* Yes, I’m here. *Her voice is rather cold and dark at the moment, as she doesn’t want to give the dragons a single indication as to her thoughts or emotions*