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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *frowns silently as he moves through the doors, seeming curious and intruiged by the displays in the room beyond the doors. He spends a few moments looking at them as he follows Jenna to the spot, then sits down behind her, scowling* *”They already don’t want us to be here, do they?”*

*a large six winged onyx coloured male with massive multibranched horns and heavy thick armoured scales sits off in his space to the right of the giant room, sitting within a very elaborate display of levitating energies. They are manipulated and positioned into a scene that shows craggy sharp spires and mountaineous areas, as the dragon is trying to show off his territory to the others. He keeps his largest pair of wings raised high, the hooked elbow midpoints pointed at the ceiling, the back pair relaxed, the front pair folded forwards, trying to make himself appear even bigger than he already is. He holds an dragon’s skull in his front paws, and occaisonally claws the eyehole areas and maw of the skull*

*off to his left side is his youngest daughter, a rather unintimidating silver female, whom of which is barely into her young teens / fledgling development stage. She’s mostly there to learn about this gathering, and has no display of her own to show off with*