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There are several jewels and random expensive objects that Jenna has stored in her room. For the most part, these jewels are just random items that she’s stolen in the past. Then there are a few books in her shelves that she reads through from time to time. Aside from that, there isn’t all that much in terms of belongings in the room, for Jenna doesn’t like staying in it for long periods of time.

Within an area that was once a changing room for those who bathed here in the past, Jenna has a make-shift walk-through closet that is filled with tons of clothing. A lot of it is splattered with blood and other organic material from a long time ago. There are also several copies of her current armor in case one of them gets too damaged to keep with it. There are also examples of the leather outfit that she once wore when she wasn’t quite in her right mental mind and older armor from when she was younger.

Back in the main room, if Sephy were to look closely, he’d find a section of floor that can be pulled up. Underneath this panel of stone floor, there are several bottles of liquor of various strengths. Some of the liquor is illegal in several countries now of days due to their potency.

Jenna: *remains in the barren room and begins practicing a spell that would make a small fusion-like reaction in the middle of the room. After a few minutes of maintaining the spell, it suddenly looses stability. The ball of energy that slightly resembles a sun expands for a moment before collapsing on itself. Once it has fully collapsed, it releases it’s energy in a massive wave, creating a loud boom that would resonate through the base*