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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *just sits patiently through most of Jenna’s explanation, scowling when she tells him that he wouldn’t be able to handle powers just because this other creature cannot. He shakes his head in silent disagreement, but allows her to continue. When Jenna explains why Sesshou is after her, he just gives her a mistrusting skeptical glance, not quite sure if he believes her or not* Hmph, this carrier sounds a lot like me, in some regards. Only, I would not kill myself – I would rather kill my own planet. *smirks slightly, amused* It’s a good reason to hold immortality though. Especially if you could tap into her power and use it instead.

*he scowls as Jenna returns her attention to him, and makes a loud dissaproving snort at her question. He turns his head away, loudly growling* I find you to be highly annoying. I don’t know why the hell you decided to come after me and ‘rescue’ me away from the band of idiots and their stupid plane. But I am glad that you did, because otherwise I would have continued to be their slave, I suppose. Is that good enough an answer for you?