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Jenna: *scowls at him* Very well then, if it’s alright for you to call me “woman”, is it alright for me to call you “man”? *shakes her head then deeply frowns* You love picking questions that are not easy nor fun to answer. Very well.. *takes in a deep breath then closes her eyes* That creature is a primal force of order for this universe. Or, at least, that’s how it started. At the beginning, several energy beings were created out of the chaos and order that were forming within the cosmos. These creatures were given vast power and the task to maintain the order in the universe.. Unfortunately, the one that we met turned against the others and choose perfect order, in the form of eradicating all choice and free will – or as an intelligent person would term it, life – in the universe.

First, she targeted the other members of her “species”, so to speak of. She desired to have none that could rival her power. So, she simply devoured them all and took their life energy to bolster her own power and mass. From there, she moved from planet to planet, galaxy to galaxy, nebula to nebula, devouring all life that she encountered. Each civilization she found is now long gone and either soulless drones for her armies that were built to help her conquer, or simply non-existent.

There is rumor that she started her revolt because she disliked the original system that was built. Another rumor that I once read suggested that she was close to another member of her “species” who was seemingly eradicated for a task that she disagreed with. No matter the cause, I don’t think it matters anymore. She has become intoxicated by the power that she has digested from all the planets and lives she’s conquered. *deeply frowns and looks at his face* Thus, I can honestly tell you that you will never be able to handle the powers, for a demi-god such as her can’t.

As for why she’s interested in me. *turns her gaze to the ground* I think it’s because of the source of my ultimate power… *slowly shakes her head* I hold the spirit of the only other of that species that was created along with her. It is aligned with chaos and it’s task is to keep the balance by destroying planets that are near the end of their life or otherwise threaten the balance. The way it does this is by being born as a mortal. The mortal’s mind and soul as well as experiences will ultimately determine what event will happen. Either, the carrier will become schizophrenic, insane, and suicidal, and kill itself, or the carrier will kill it’s own planet in rage.

I think that’s the reason she choose to give me immortality and try to claim me as hers. *shrugs* Either way, most carriers only live to about the equivalent of thirty human years.

Now, my turn. *turns her attention back to him* I asked you before and you failed to answer. What are your feelings toward me as a whole. I am not speaking of instances or the moment, I want to know what you feel toward me in general. *tilts her head* You almost seemed to like it when I gave you massages and kissed you before. So, please answer.