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Virgo: *yelps as Sephiroth grips onto her then continues to struggle. She bares her enlarged fangs at him and hisses* You and that bitch over there. *glares at Aeris, who had been ignored by the fighters up until now* Both of you. Virgo hates you! Virgo will rip you to shreds. Virgo will avenge sister and protect great mother!

Jenna: *releases a loud scream of pain as one of the blasts from her opponent strikes her right wing. Soon afterwards, she drops onto the floor and reaches behind her with her left hand to grip onto her right shoulder. Despite the fact that she can’t reach the stump of the wing that was blown off, she still tries to reduce the pain by gripping onto the shoulder.

However, she does not have much time to compensate for the pain that she just suffered. For, Sesshou is still furious and more than happy to strike the sorceress down while she is down. So, the draconian being opens its mouth and begins to charge up another array of pitch-black, destructive energy.

Closing her eyes, Jenna regathers her wits then spreads open her still good wing and gathers up as much energy as she can as well. Soon afterwards, both combatants fire off equally powerful blasts of energy, one colored bright reddish orange and the other a pitch black. After a moment of clashing, the energy waves manage to break through each other and strike both of the combatants.

Not even seeming to want to run away from the attack, Jenna remains on the ground as the force of the energy hits her and flings her against the wall. Soon afterwards, the woman flops down onto the ground in a smoking, bloody mess. Having died nearly instantaneously as the energy struck her, Jenna remains limp and unresponsive on the floor.

On the other hand, Sesshou takes her end of the blast in the face. A large explosion rips through her body as the energy that composes her body becomes unstable. The creature roars in pain and writhes around for a few moments before suddenly vanishing, having decided that, for now, the best solution to her problems was to hide away and heal her injuries elsewhere.*