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Vixen: *at first, she only hisses as her attempt to strike out at Sephy misses. However, that hiss quickly vanishes as she hears the wall crumbling down behind her. So, she blinks then turns around to see what is happening. Just as she faces the wall, the surge of energy breaks through and manges to hit the woman straight on. Thus, when the energy fades, Vixen’s body flops forward, seemingly missing the head, right shoulder, and part of the chest*

Virgo: *screaches as she sees that Vixen has been hit. So, she leaps at Sephy and begins trying to slice out at him with even more fury and activity than before. Still, despite the fury that she is in, her attacks are actually easier to fend off than before. For, the girl is clouded with her hyperactive emotions and not even thinking of fighting techniques.* Mean boy make sister hurt!

*On the other side of the wall, Jenna can be seen dodging more streaks of black energy. She flares open her wings and raises further up toward the sky, which is now viable since the ceiling has been blown out. On the other hand, Sesshou remains on the ground, angrily trying to actually hit the smaller sorceress*