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Jenna: *hovers at the far end of the room, opposite of the door that Sephiroth is looking through. Her flame-patterned wings are spread out to their fullest potential so that Jenna can pool as much energy from the surrounding atmosphere as possible. By now, Jenna has sustained quite a bit of damage due to the powerful attacks of her opponent, but she mostly looks banged up with non-fatal wounds. Still, there is quite a bit of blood and bruises on her body.

At the time that Sephy peers through the doorway, Sesshou is no where to be found since the creature has chosen to slip into a purely energy form in order to move about freely. So, Jenna is surveying the area, trying to sense any indications of where the next attack will come from. Unfortunately for the sorceress, Sesshou’s energy is so large and overwhelming that it seems that the snake is everywhere and no where. So, when Sesshou does choose to strike by whipping an energy tentacle at Jenna’s back, the sorceress is taken by surprise for a brief moment. Still, that surprise doesn’t last long and Jenna retaliates with a powerful and destructive spell that makes the tentacle explode and hits Sesshou’s core with enough force to fling the creature outside to the surface.*

Vixen: *spots Sephy as he peers through the doorway, having run toward the commotion in hopes of assisting her queen, then deeply frowns at him. Without hesitation, she yanks out her whip so that she can lash out at Seph’s back* You do not belong here.