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Jenna: *allows herself a slight sigh of relief as Sephiroth leaves the area then focuses her attention on Sesshou. While she is glad that Sephiroth finally is following her instructions, she is less than happy that he ruined her chance to get in a shot while Sesshou was dazed with the energy that she was feeding on. So, she had to do things the hard way for today.

Tensing up, Jenna spreads open her wings so that she can gather stagnant energy from the air around her and boost the power of her spells. As Sesshou strikes out with her tail, Jenna leaps into the air to give herself more maneuverability. For several minutes, the two furiously fight with each other. While Sesshou’s objective is to force Jenna into submission, Jenna is looking for an end to it all by taking out both herself and Sesshou at the same time.

From the outer edges of the fortress, where Aeris should be located, all that would be distinguishable of the fight is a series of loud flashes as well as occasional back-lashes of energy that rippled through the air for several miles*