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Jenna: *Rushes down the hallway, not aware yet that Sephiroth had ignored her orders. Even though she’d be less than pleased with his actions, she wouldn’t stop to turn him away if she had noticed his pursuit. She knows that with every moment that passes, her presence will become more known, so she doesn’t want to waste time in scolding Sephiroth. Thus, she keeps her full attention on the task on hand, only pausing momentarily to dispatch of more guards using various projectiles such as throwing knives, her guns, and shuriken. This method does quickly rid her of many of her obstacles, but some are left behind as Jenna rushes buy. These remanants would undoubtably notice Sephiroth as he chases after her. In addition, there are points in which Jenna simply decides to leap up ontop of the heads of her opponents and leap from one to another in order to get past them with ease. Luckily for her, the guards and soldiers in the alien’s arsenal are all drained of there essences, so they are not overly bright. Eventually, Jenna slows down as she nears the centeral room. By this time, the objects on the ceiling, which appear to be wires and pipes of unknown nature, are brightly shining with energy. There had always been a faint glow to the wires, but at this point, the flow is strongest and, thus, so to is the illumination.*