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Kat Aclysm

Aeris was the first one to look up and pay attention to the scuffle going on somewhere outside. His sensitive hearing allowed him to hear much of the action and goings-on outside of their prisoner’s cell, although he couldn’t quite work out what most of it was about. He often heard noises in the area of the prison during the last week and a half, and at first he had shrugged the noise off, assuming it to be nothing more than the usual meanderings of the guards as they puttered around through the area.

But when he heard the gunshots, close ones at that, he sat up, curious and interested to see what was going on. When Jenna appeared to blow the heads off the guards outside of his cell, Aeris stood up, full of hope, and very happy to see her. When Jenna was done killing the guards and all was motionless and appeared to be safe again, Aeris began to clap, giving Jenna applause.

Aeris: *moves towards the edge of the cell and stands about a foot behind the barrier between Jenna and himself, grinning broadly* That was absolutely fantastic. Boy am I glad to see you.

Sephiroth: *glances up as the action takes place, but deeply scowls and remains on the ground, seeming quite a bit less enthusiastic than Aeris*