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Jenna: *looks up at sun for a few moments, simply stalling before she makes her move. For the most part, she just wants to find peace and soalce within the rays of her home-planet’s sun. Also, she wants to have a clear memory of its light and warmth, just incase she winds up stuck in Sesshou’s territory for an extended amount of time, for she knew that Sesshou had drained even the star of that planet of all its energy then encased it in powerful magics that turned it into a shimering crystaline star. Even though this spell made the star rather beautiful, it also made it so the planets surrounding that star would receive no heat nor true light. Indeed, she was about to tread upon a land of eternal darkness.

So, the sorceress stood and contemplated. Finally, after a half an hour, Jenna turned around and began to turn her thoughts to the task at hand. At first, it seems as if nothing is happening; however, Jenna quickly vanishes off the surface of the earth then reappears just outside one of the entrances to Sesshou’s prisoners. Releasing a breath that the brunette had unconciously held in, Jenna quickly ducked behind a rock and examined her surroundings.

Soon finding that there were no direct threats in the area, Jenna dashed into the entrance to the prison and began to sense out Sephiroth’s life force and track him down. This process took several hours in and of itself, for Sesshou made her dwelling as complex as a spider’s web. Weaving too and fro with one tunnel looking just the same as the other, Jenna could have very well found herself lost within the catacomb if she had rushed ahead. In addition, the sorcerss found herself facing off against the soulless drones that Sesshou favored as her footmen.

In fact, by the time that Jenna had come up to Sephiroth’s holding cell, there were three within the direct vicinity. So, Jenna ducked into the shadows and pondered the situation for a few moments. However, it didn’t take her long to formulate a plan. Thus, she called forth a pair of semi-automatic magnums into her clawed hands. Not hesitating any further, Jenna lifted up the twin pistols and simultaneously fired two shots at the heads of two of the guards. Soon after the bullets left the barrels, Jenna rushed at the last guard and leaped ontop of its back before blowing out its head as well.

After all of this was done, the brunette woman was left alone in the cooridor, just infront of Sephiroth and Aeris’s cell with her back facing them.*