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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth was rather unhappy to say the least, and had since given up on trying to find a way out of her situation. She lay on the floor of her cell in awkward position, idly staring forwards, her left cheek on the cold hard ground, bored out of her mind with the complete lack of stimuli. She had tried several times to escape – by ramming into the barrier, trying to manipulate Aeris so she could attack the wall with his own proper body, but all of it was to no avail. So, she lay on the ground, feeling quite useless and miserable, being able to do nothing for the time being until somebody else decided her fate.
Only a week and a half may have passed, but to Sephiroth, it felt like an eternity. Neither night nor day was noticable in the cell, so Sephiroth was not aware of it. For all she knew, months could have passed in that cell.

They were fed, but Seph ate little of it, completely disinterested in it. She drank the water available when she had to, but apart from that, she did nothing apart from lay on the floor of the cell, idle, bored, wishing just for anything to happen.

If Sesshou wanted to kill her, fine. She didn’t care too much about that any more. Anything would have been better than the idle situation she was in now.