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Kerash: The best academy for military studies is located on Earth. This is mostly because Earth is near the center of the federation and not anywhere near any active battle grounds. Thus, officials determined that this was a safe location to set up their training facilities. Also, Earth is one of the richest planets in our federation, so they have the money to provide for several of the materials needed. Do you understand now?

As for just collecting semon from you, we have determined that insemination is not necessarily the most effective way to achieve such results. The chances of sperm surviving to the egg are much less than if you were to couple in the natural form. So, we will have you breed with women of our choosing, including Noemi. Also, I never said that you’d be going to a camp just to breed. There is no reason to have you shipped out of this facility prematurely simply for that. *shakes her head* No, we shall bring them to you. If you do not comply at first, we will increase the hormonal treatments. Is that clear?

Noemi: *watches the screen with fascination. She carefully studies the images shown to her, taking them all in before speaking up to Dr. Jansen* Sir, if Jenova is a space-faring creature, how can we be certain that she actually came from that planet? What if that was only somplace that she stopped at for a bit then took off into space again? What if she took a right turn at some point and actually came from a very different location all together? *shakes her head* I don’t see how this can be determined without her pointing to her path herself… Unless she only glides through space and can’t actually guide herself when out there.