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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *”As intrusive as it sounds, they’re just screening you for pubic lice. I believe they do that to every recruit because you are going to be in a very communal environment, sometimes you will end up very close to others. It is just to prevent outbreaks. Some recruits who joined the army in my youth came from relatively poor homes, and then there were some males who were very bad with their hygiene. It seems an insult – I know, I hated it too. But it is a necessary evil because of those few unhygienic idiots.”*

Physician: *sighs at Seres* No, I’m not. Jots down one or two final notes on her clipboard, then tears off the top two layers of the forms she was filling out for Seres, then folds them up and hands them to her* Take this back to the General for him to read and sign. Then you will be escorted to your new area.

Zack: *glances back at the physician, noticing she’s distracted. He reaches into the vaccinations cabinet and begins stealing as much of the serums as he can without being noticed*