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Seres: *scowls at the lack of actual response from General Sephiroth* Oh, for fuck’s sake. Yes, the floor is a bit dirty. That happens when you blow out your brains. *grunts then casts a spell to clean up the blood stains* There, are you happy now? Can I not strip for this perverted female here. *points back to the Physician* I’m not having her grope through my nether regions for parasites.

Noemi: *deeply frowns at Sephiroth’s statement* ~Well, what do you make out of this development, General. I honetsly don’t know what to think of this at all. I thought the stories about them being immortal in those journals were fabrications of this Sephiroth’s imagination..~ *looks over at Zack* Your commerade here- *points to Seres* Just shot herself in the head.